A productive manufacturing sector is a critical component of a thriving economy. The viability and future success of Australian manufacturing, and the millions of jobs this sector supports, rely on national productivity and competitiveness.

High wages, geographical remoteness and a small dispersed local market are some of the reasons this particular industry is so tough to survive. In addition, consumers are continually changing what products they buy which then impacts the type of products made.

The innovation resulting from science and technology, such as automation, digitisation and new materials, has changed the equation of what it means to be a manufacturer. Manufacturing is no longer a basic industry that employs low-skilled workers.

Research &Development Grants

Invest in new or improved materials, products, devices, processes or services (R&D) to innovate and build greater resilience to changing market conditions.

We understand the R&D tax incentives system and can provide advice, helping you to maximise your access these tax incentives. We also advise on various grants programs funded by the Commonwealth and State governments, another major source of funding for R&D in Australia.

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