Our culture and benefits

We seek to get the right people on the team, the wrong people off the team, and the right peoples in the right position.

The right people don’t need to be steadfastly managed or motivated – they will be self-motivated by their inner drive and hunger to produce the right results. They are passionate and dedicated about being part of creating something great.

We seek these people as we believe you can’t manufacture passion or motivate people to feel passionate. We can only discover what ignites your passion and the passion of those around you.

Our management approach is to hire well, manage little – as decentralization increases the overall efficiency of the organization by reducing overhead and releasing entrepreneurial energy.
Different to most accounting firms we keep at bay class distinction that eventually encroach on most other organizations.

Unless a title is necessary for which the outside world demands, you won’t have a position title within our firm. Your leadership capabilities will essentially determine your status and authority within the JDG team, not your position.

If you don’t like that and if you feel you need a class distinction – well, then, JDG is just not the right place for you.

At JDG workers interests are aligned with management interests. We believe the right people will do the right things and deliver the best results they’re capable of, regardless of any incentive systems.

We provide premium business services, so your business can succeed.