Partner With JDG Accountants & Advisors under a Co–Ownership Structure 

JDG is focused on working with accounting firms to solve their succession pathway and human resources troubles. 

Our decentralized co ownership models delivers: 

  1. Superior client services 
  2. Co ownership succession plans
  3. Increased margins 
  4. Staffing solutions 
  5. Marketing, branding and IT infrastructure 

Partners access leveraged network benefits whilst maintaining ownership in their firm and share in profits. 

Acquisition Criteria 

  1. Aligned values 
  2. Co-ownership model 
  3. Demonstrated sustainable earnings 
  4. Focused core business provisions business services accounting and taxation private business & their owners 

How does it work? 

  1. Contact us to express interest in the sale of your firm / co-ownership 
  2. Provide us with the required information 
  3. 100% Confidentiality 
  4. We provide a Fast Response within 10 Minutes if we are interested 

 Step 1: Info we require 

  1. Current legal and ownership structure 
  2. Last 4 years financial statements and taxation returns 
  3. Business and personal plans together with timeframe 

Step 2:  

  1. Short non-intrusive visit 
  2. We submit offer to partner or merger 
  3. Once accepted legal documents provided for review
  4. Whole process can take between 14-90 days to complete 

Helping shape communities where business owners thrive.