Plus Rewards Program

Refer a friend. Reward yourself.

JDG Plus Rewards is a loyalty rewards program where earn points and enjoy rewards.
Get up to 200,000 bonus points* by referring a friend.

How to refer a friend

Step 1

Log into

Step 2

Go to My Account > Refer a Friend

Step 3

Go to My Account > Testimonials

Step 4

Reward yourself. Start Shopping

Whatever your style,
there’s a reward to match

Our Membership Rewards program lets you choose from a wide range of rewards.

Use points to shop

Purchase JDG vouchers

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Rewards available

Up to 200,000* bonus points for you

Earn 10,000 points for just providing your friends contact details. For any friends that sign up as a client – earn 200,000* bonus points.


Up to 10,000* bonus points for your friends

Your friends will automatically earn 10,000 bonus points after they join JDG.

Up to 10,000* points for you

Earn 10,000 points by just providing a testimonial of JDG services.

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